About me

Hi there!
My nickname is “Maxon”. I am a system analyst for IT systems. In that business earlier or later you get in contact with cryptocurrency. For me it was mid of 2017. I was reading some news about the upcoming ETH hype and the start of the cryptocurrency Z-Cash (ZEC). I got more and more interested and some weeks later i had created an account on Kraken, an cryptocurrency exchange. Even in the same week I had invested the first money in some coins. While the big Bullrun late 2017 i got the experience what FOMO means whitout knowing the word itself. I have increased my investment nearly on a weekly basis. With the start of 2018 I had some nice profits but had not sold anything. Even faster as the volume and the market prices has increased, the faster the big correction of 2018 kicks in. This feeling was really bad. I started to invest even more money with nearly every Dip of 2018. I can remember there was some time that my whole investment was down by 70%… This bothered me that hard, that I started to get deeper into the whole business and started with Cryptohopper. With the best knowledge I had now I was sure that I now would turn the tide and will get my profits back. I was wrong… Even with the Bot trading in that time of 2019 I was unlucky. My TA was very basic and about creating templates I really had no idea.

I have taken a break from the whole business for some weeks and tried to cancel it completly, but I can´t. Surrender would not be an option. I did another Investment and started from scratch with Cryptohopper. New TA, new template design. My first Version of the “Set and Forget” template was born. Sure it was much more defensive as it is today but with this I was able for some months to get piece after piece my Investment back. With the first positive results I gets more and more addicted for cryptocurrencies. Today I can say it´s somekind of passion or hobby for me. I started to develope and tested more and more. Today I am in the lucky position that I am no longer invested with my own money. I can´t describe how good that feeling was to know that now the day has come that I never can fall into loss again! The Market is somedays hard and you never would stop to learn. Also today there are days you are not that successfull. But you have to zoom out. Important is that we are successfully over the time. short timeframes are not representative. My passion for this is still unbroken and I started in an Crypto Discord to help people out with their settings and getting started in that business. Regarding the good feedbacks I got I started to become a exclusive Cryptohopper marketplace reseller, had created an small website and my own discord server for the support. My plan is to provide you good solutions for your trading needs with Cryptohopper. I can´t take out the risk for you in that market, but I can reduce it with some smart ideas I had developed over time and the experience I got while being in loss for over 2 years. My story is really not recommended to repeat by anyone. If you are interested to get in touch with my, you can join my Discord. Happy trading 🙂

with best regards