Cryptohopper Templates


As the name says. This setup is to fullautomate your Bot. It will trade coins they had etablished in the market and have already some good usecases. The coins would have also the possibility for staking if there would be an bigger correction and your Bot will be in loss for example in a bear market. Back to the Template it will try to keep these coins with merge or DCA very close to the current market situations and do good trades over the day, no SL in default. Designed to use with my [Alpha] and [Charlie] Signals. Available for Explorer, Adventurer and Hero subscriptions.

Chosen Ones

This Template is designed to earn money when the market will swing (in both directions). Is it possible to get an return wenn the whole Market drops? Yes it is! together with my Daywalker strategy it will supervise the market. TSL setup with autoclose per default.


Welcome to the „Fastlane“. This is my newest setup and is designed to use 2 templates and 2 strategies. An offensive one to trade high volume on an uptrend/sideway market and an defensive one to get rid of the positions in green as fast as possible. It will do in that mode very defensive buys at the bottom of red candles and merge it together with the offensive buys to lower the average as good as possible. An good trigger setup is also recommended to switch between the templates. Adventurer and Hero Version available. Triggers are included in the template.


Coming Soon